Why Small Businesses Don’t “Invest” Enough in Digital Marketing

Ask anyone with basic advertising knowledge and they will tell you that digital marketing is the way everything is heading. Studies from the CMO Council says that digital spending will rise to $194 billion by 2018.

By 2019 Most Digital Ad Spending Will Be Mobile

Over time, there has been a discrepancy between the amount of ad money spent on mobile advertising when compared to the amount of time people spend on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Digital Marketing Health Assessment: How Competitors Are Spying On You

Digital marketing has made it easier to monitor the results of online campaigns. If you are not sure where you currently stand amongst your competition, it may be time to do a digital health assessment.
marketing mistakes

Dastardly Marketing Mistakes – Don’t Sabotage Your Marketing

Regardless of the types of media, a business uses in its marketing campaign, the goal is always a conversion - the point at which an interested consumer, who has been exposed to your advertisement, becomes a sale.

Social Media Marketing 2017

All businesses with a social media presence should make their social media marketing a high priority in 2017. This will ensure you engage your audience and stay connected to potential customers.

Is Your Website Relevant? | Google’s Search Engine Optimization Zoo

How do I help my Google search rank? The answer is: there’s never a quick fix because it takes a good amount of time with consistent, quality content creation. This should help steer your ship.


It's no secret that even the largest brands in the world are still capable of making marketing mistakes. It's just the enormity of the Apple brand that amplified their recent gaffe. The little U2 mix-up seems minor, but guess what....you angered the millennials.