It’s not news to anyone that social media is an important tool for any business to gain exposure and increase connectivity, but the question everyone should be asking themselves is, “Are our social media efforts effective?”
Capture customer email addresses

Capture customer email addresses at the Point of Sale

Whether you hear the cash register ring or the bell on the door as a customer walks out empty-handed if your business isn’t attempting to capture customer email addresses for marketing or remarketing purposes, shame on you.
content marketing

Better Content Marketing Strategies – See A Need, Fill A Need

Marketers get caught up in what they want to SAY to the consumer and lose track of what the consumer wants to HEAR. What many of us overlook is basic, freshman-level, a psychology that gives us the best window into the mind of the consumer.


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Plight of a Website Owner

You wouldn’t believe how often we’ve been called in to review someone’s website and clean up poorly written content that has been imbued with keywords with no relation to the content on any page within the website.

Fluffy Marketing Metrics Your Boss Doesn’t Care About

Digital marketing has changed the way that businesses look at measuring the results of their marketing campaigns. It has become much easier to measure and track each step of the process in real time.

Why Small Businesses Don’t “Invest” Enough in Digital Marketing

Ask anyone with basic advertising knowledge and they will tell you that digital marketing is the way everything is heading. Studies from the CMO Council says that digital spending will rise to $194 billion by 2018.

By 2019 Most Digital Ad Spending Will Be Mobile

Over time, there has been a discrepancy between the amount of ad money spent on mobile advertising when compared to the amount of time people spend on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Digital Marketing Health Assessment: How Competitors Are Spying On You

Digital marketing has made it easier to monitor the results of online campaigns. If you are not sure where you currently stand amongst your competition, it may be time to do a digital health assessment.

Small Business Marketing: How to Spy on the Competition

It may be difficult to decide which digital advertising tools are worth investing in. An assessment identifies which digital marketing strategies are working and helps your company find new opportunities for improvement.