Smart Social Media Marketing in 2017

All businesses with a social media presence should make their social media marketing a high priority in 2017. This will ensure you engage your audience and stay connected to potential customers. Keeping an eye on Twitter chatter and Facebook conversations involving topics like TV programs is a good way to start. This isn’t something you should do just haphazardly though, as brands like American Apparel, Epicurious, and Cinnabon have all had a few social media fails this past year. If you want to get more involved with social media conversation, here’s a few tips.

  • Your engagement has to be smart and relevant

social media Brands will have to focus more for consumer attention with social media. Trying to blend a social media trend along with your brand-selling position probably won’t succeed. More important than just trying to be clever is to be smart – don’t say whatever pops into your head. Also be relevant by listening to the conversation and joining appropriately. Do not find a way to interrupt and draw the attention to yourself. By engaging with a group in a smart way, your social media branding will begin to take care of itself.

  • Ask an adult for help

Not necessarily, but you should find someone inside or outside of your organization who has a solid grasp of social media engagement and reputation management. Create a team that can effectively monitor social media and work together to establish greater involvement.

  • Do not focus on likes

We hear this over and over again. “I want more likes!” “How do we get more likes?” “Why do the other guys have more likes?” We would rather have 100 people talking about our brand than 10,000 people simply liking us. Establish your share of voice. When people are talking about you, they are helping to share the word of your brand. Likes are great, but they are secondary to engagement.

This year, to guarantee more successful social media presence, look to TV for trends, focus on relevant content that users want to hear, collaborate with a social media team to drive engagement and find your voice in the crowd. Also, don’t be these guys:social media marketing

  • American Apparel: On July 4th, 2014, American Apparel shared an image of “#smoke” and “#clouds,” using a Photoshopped image of the exploding space shuttle Challenger from 1968.
  • Cinnabon: On the day Carrie Fisher passed away, Cinnabon attempted a tribute on Twitter that was also selling their products – an image of Princess Leia with a Cinnabon roll in place of her hair-do. Companies should never piggy-back on a celebrity death, especially using the same picture they’ve used in previous tweets.
  • Epicurious: The morning following the Boston Marathon bombing, Epicurious posted a series of Tweets with messages of support along with recipes. This may be the most obviously blatant violation of them all.

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